Sunday, January 8, 2012

Garden Tea Party

Milk tea and hot cakes with fresh flowers are things to make your afternoon tea absolutely delightful 

Orange Roses and Green Hydrangea
Gerbera, Pink and Yellow and White Monte Cristo Aster
Yellow Roses, Maroon Fiji and Purple-
Monte Cristo
White Fiji, Hydrangea, Red Carnation,
Caspea and Pink Carnation
Pink Roses, Baby Breath and Snow White

Behind The Scene

Behind the scene at the flowergirl photo shoot session. I figured it's better to have real dinner party than just a fake one. It's the end of the year, and these people, my dearest friends, always have my back when I struggle with holding everything in one. What's the better way to end the year but with them and my flower? 
I hope this photo shoot inspires you guys to have a nice dinner wedding with your friends. 
cheers. :)

Shocking pop colors, yellow and orange

Snow White, Carnation and Caspea

Oh, the food!
Endira, the photographer