Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deep Red

when these red carnation showed up I was a bit confused on how to arrange it. I usually have pink or white carnation and often they go into the 'soft' tones arrangement. But these deep dark red carnations were heavy and asking something more. I try to soften it a bit using sprays of Monte Casino and surprisingly, it came as elegant as red roses will be. :)

"Monte Casino' aster
deep dark red

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sun and sky

Sunday is coming and I can't wait to use this little mug from Kandura Keramik with bright little flowers. Yellow surely match made from heaven to this little blue giraffe mug. Loveeee it!!

chrysanthemum and baby breath

Little blue giraffe from Kandura Keramik
I put them on my book shelves

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brides head revisited

Last week, we had two new clients, young beautiful brides. When it comes to 'what look do you want?' question, all brides gonna pop up things they want at their wedding, what kind of flowers, what kind of table arrangement, what kind of arc and vases and the lighting and also the bouquet... this can be a lot, but to safe the confusion, just go by the color theme and stick with it to the detail. These are some color palette I made for the brides to choose. I hope I can help them create their perfect day. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


your office cubicle surely gets more fresh
with this simple arrangement!

Don't throw away your used bottle drink, we use this you-c 1000 glass bottle and leave the sticker to match with the orange gladiol and yellow carnation. This surely brighten your study desk! Put some yellow chrysant and a spray of white peacock to make it brighter! :) 
Put some happy face during your working hours!

Call us for this simple arrangement (you can use your own bottles!)

Morning Rose

An order for a boyfriend who needs some spirit-boost. Nothing say 'fresh' like green and white.
White Rose, Carnation, Shamrock in a clear vase.

Call us to order, we deliver to your doorstep (or your loved one's) 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fruit Punch

Burst with happiness! 
Magenta Gladiol
Yellow Carnation and purple aster
Magenta & Yellow Carnation, Orange Gladiol

it says fun, popsicle, punch, love and Hawai!! LOL. Put some smile in your best friend face by sending them this arrangement. :)  Contact us to order, we deliver. :)

Hot Summer

Chrysant, Aster, Peacock. Gladiol. 
hot :)
some casualties we save in a jar of water
Nothing says summer like yellow, orange and red flower. :) Contact us to order, perfect for an arisan afternoon, garden party or simply put it in your room to bring the sun inside! :)

Pretty in Pink

Chrysanthemum, pale pink
Chrysanthemum and White Carnation

Flowers in cookie jar

Put this pretty flowers in your desk, we delivered to your house. :) each starts from 75k  with vase. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Garden Party

Lamaran ceremony, Villa Triniti, Sersan Bajuri

Akad Ceremony,  Jasmine Curtain. Maxi's Restaurant

Night time

Angel in White

Lily, White Rose, Spray and Peacock
Flower arrangement for a get-well-soon wishes. :)

Hot Colors

Bright colors flower arrangement
Flower Basket, Rose and Purple Fiji
White and Purple Chrysanthemum
Two-tone chrysanthemum
Pink Casablancas, Yellow, Pink and Red roses
Lemon tone! Golden Fiji, Shamrock and Kermit